For 25 years Adam has worked with a diverse array of clients; from Tarantino to LucasFilms to Fortune 500 companies like Google, HBO, Sun, Deloitte and AOL. As Media Director for Stillking Films, he worked on a myriad of films, commercials and music videos, and led Stillking Media to Partner with bEurope. From creative to strategy, his work has been featured in the Czech National Gallery, as well as film festivals, exhibitions, and a variety of publications. Adam is a professor of Animation and SFX at Prague film school, and has recently completed a neural-network-AI based Graphic Novel, Immersion.

Prague | Philadelphia
eu +420 602 680 793
us + 1 ‪(267) 225-6160‬
skype : lucidadam
discord : lucidadam#1610
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I am also a co-founder of
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